Friday, October 31, 2008

Gradient Dyeing

I was really fascintated with different types of dyeing

I wanted to get that affect of changing colour or fading colour without changing wool
I searched the net and really could not find a clear method so i tryed it 2 different ways

The first one, I hand wound the yarn into a ball and soaked it (for ages!!!)
Then i sat it in some dye for a few minutes.
I took it out and unravelled the yarn till it was white again.
Next, I diluted the dye and repeated the process
each time diluting, until in the end it was only barely coloured.
Then i cooked it as usual.

Here is the result!!

For the second method, i wanted to try changing colours.

This time i made the ball into 6 mini-skeins, still joined together

I put each skein in plastic cups and soaked them.

I then emptied each cup and refilled with dye.
Next , I removed the yarn from the dye and wrapped each colour individually in plastic wrap to avoid colour bleeding.
then cooked in the steamer.
I was really impressed with how it turned out!!
reminded me of Life savers!

I used the yarn to make this gorgeous skirt that recently sold in my store. It knitted up beautiful, and no changing balls!!!